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Hell Freezes Over at Decadence Music Festival in AZ on New Year's

The earth takes 365 days to make it around the sun...and every time it makes that journey we stop to celebrate the fact that we are still alive and that we are about to make that trip through space again.

How did you bring in the New Year? Was it home on your couch nodding off to the Times Square scene on TV? If so, shame on you! You could have been making out with a girl (or guy) after the countdown by Adventure Club in Chandler, AZ at Decadence Music Festival.

The two day festival centered around two huge tents that featured an impressive lineup of artists. Party goers braved extreme temperatures that only the planet Mars could rival: 32 degrees outside alternated with 90 degrees inside. The almost-naked huddled indoors, because outdoors sweat began to freeze without a hoodie and beanie.

The first night featured 3LAU, Dieselboy, Grandtheft, Jack Ü, Manufactured Superstars, ODESZA, Pegboard Nerds, Pretty Lights, Tchami, and Wiwek.

Of these artists, Jack Ü stole the show with your little brother or sisters favorite song “Where are Ü now?” featuring Justin Bieber (no, the Biebs didn’t make an appearance...despite some rumors). They were the last set of the first night, and the crowd went NUTS as green lights strobed over the entire tent, timed to the beat of Jungle Bae.

The second night featured Above & Beyond, Adventure Club, Billy Kenny, Borgore, Cosmic Gate, Crizzly, Drezo, Gorgon City, Knife Party, Landis Lapace, No Mana, Rezz, and Tommy Trash.

It is probably obvious to you that Adventure Club was the midnight set and had the honor of counting down to 2016. In their 90 minute performance, they featured some of their top hits like Rise and Fall, Need Your Heart, Wonder, and Gold. There was even some new material never heard before during the end of the set.

It is hard to describe how awesome Adventure Club handled the countdown to midnight. Their set began at 11:30pm and they came out of the gates HARD. The energy steadily built for 30 minutes until the countdown. During this time, the tent felt like it rose in temperature about 20 degrees. Bodies packed in, jumping and writhing to the music started to create clouds of steam. Some began to worry it would rain sweat.

The countdown ended with confetti, a light show, and much rejoicing from the tent. Afterwards, the Canadian duo was merciful and slowed the set down to allow everyone to cool off.

So now do you see what you missed? Maybe next year you won’t be so quick to decide to put on your snuggy and sip hot cocoa while you could be inhaling the sweet flavored menthol of BoomBoom in a crowded tent of half-naked revelers.

Photos by:  Tony Cottrell Photography 


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