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Aromatherapy Goes Mainstream

There’s nothing new under the sun...or so “they” say. Some things come and go in popularity, though. Except bell-bottoms...if those come back in style I’ll eat a pair live on Youtube.

Aromatherapy is something that dates back thousands of years, to the ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Indians, Greeks, and Romans and is now making a MASSIVE resurgence in modern times.

Why? Because it works. First, to understand why aromatherapy is so popular again it’s important to understand what it really is. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants in order to improve one’s mood, cognitive, psychological, and physical well-being.

In ancient times, essential oils were used for all types of crazy rituals and spiritual ceremonies. In the 20th century, they were used for a variety of ailments, including as antiseptics during WWII.

Because aromatherapy has limited medical application here in the US, most people haven’t been too exposed to them as a cure for ailments that drugs or antibiotics can solve.

However, the psychological and mood benefits are becoming recognized by all sorts of different types of consumers, such as:

Brain Boosters

Aside from treatment for symptoms of the above ailments, a significant reason that aromatherapy is popular again is because of the cognitive, psychological, and mood benefits.

Lavender oil is the most notable essential oil that has positive effects on our mental state. It is actually a pretty incredible product from Mother Nature, in that it is proven to have a slight sedative effect, so it is calming and can be used to treat the symptoms of anxiety. At the same time, it can increase alertness. The double whammy of feeling calm and more alert is why lavender oil is becoming popular with students while pulling long study sessions.

The reason lavender oil is effective is that it contains chemical compounds called terpenes, which are molecules so small that they can easily cross the blood-brain barrier.


Next to lavender, rosemary oil is also RIDICULOUS in how it can benefit our cognitive function, especially memory. It contains a chemical compound called 1.8-cineole that prevents another compound, acetylcholine, from breaking down...which prolongs our ability to recall memories.


Smelling Salts

Smelling salts are becoming very integrated into athletics, from the NFL to Olympic marathoners to hockey to powerlifting. What the heck are they? Basically, ammonia. When you take a whiff of ammonia your body reacts by flooding the brain with oxygen, causing you to feel more alert. So when fatigued after “hitting the wall” in a marathon or right before trying to deadlift 500 lbs., smelling salts can have a positive effect. Combined with essential oils, and smelling salts can be less harsh and more enjoyable.

Start Booming

Aromatherapy is a very misunderstood and unappreciated beneficial practice that everybody could benefit from. BoomBoom has you covered in the inhalants department, with great flavors such as Berry Breeze, Tropical Rush, and CinnaMint. Relax and get energized today by enjoying our proprietary blend of essential oils.


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