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Miami Music Week is Approaching!

"No one with a body full of ailments can have a luminous soul and other intellectual faculties. It is necessary to care for the body if we wish the spirit to function normally." - Michael Servetus

It's important to know what your priorities are in life. For some people it's their career. For others it's their families. Often, health doesn't top the list. But it should, right? On planes they tell us to put our oxygen mask on first before assisting others. This is because if you black out from lack of air you are useless to help in an emergency. 

Taking care of our bodies is like that. If we put our career first but then start becoming sick all the time from eating fast food and smoking cigarettes then soon our health issues will jeopardize our career. 

So let's be healthy! Of course you need to balance your priorities but neglecting your health should be avoided at all costs. Stress is very harmful to our health, and in our modern, busy lives it can be easy to get very stressed out when dealing with traffic, bosses, bills, customers, etc. 

Exercise is the number one way to combat stress, but also remember that aromatherapy is an effective way of reducing stress! Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils in your favorite flavor of BoomBoom can provide some stress relief. Gently inhale that sweet Berry Breeze and force yourself to smile. That stress will melt like Velveeta cheese in the microwave.

Here's what was BOOMING last week in the world!

A Texas man was sentenced to LIFE after being convicted of drunk driving for the 10th time. Yes, that's right: 10 DUI's.

Ivy Ray Eberhardt has been a busy man. By busy, I mean busy getting absolutely plowed on Jack Daniels and then hopping in his truck to go driving. Since the 1980s he has been arrested 12 times for Driving While Intoxicated and convicted 10 one of the more recent arrests Eberhardt's BAC (blood alcohol content) was .32! That's four times the legal limit of a 0.08 BAC. That's a lot of Coors Original to be shotgunning.

The judge stated that the only way he could think to protect the citizens of his county from such a dangerous driver was to look the man up "for as long as I can". Eberhardt is 62 years old and will be eligible for parole in 15 years. That's scary if you think about it, because that means that 15 years from now they'll be a drunk 77-year old roaming around in his truck celebrating his release from prison!

Remember, kids, don't drink and drive. Heck, don't even BoomBoom and drive. Listen to The Doors and keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel...

In MUSIC NEWS, let's talk about why you should attend Miami Music Week in March!

Bikinis, palm trees, beaches, Avicci, Nero, Kaskade, Chet Faker...these are all reasons to get down to Miami for Music Week from March 15-20.

Words can't really describe how awesome it will be, so watch this quick video instead:

The cool thing about Miami Music Week is that you can pick and choose the events, venues, and artists you want to buy tickets to. So if you're only going to be there for a day or two, you're not locked into buying some expensive festival pass. 

Tickets for each venue vary widely, from $0 to $80+. So book your flight, recruit your friends, and design your Miami Music experience by checking out all of the options here.

BOOMING Track of the Week!

Check out "OG Purp" from Tha Trickaz & Creaky Jackals from the BoomingTracks Instagram page (follow us here for the grimiest EDM tracks: 


OG purp outa hello kitty piece not givin a fÜ#! ???? Tha Trickaz x Creaky Jackals - OG Purp (Bass VIP) ?⚠️? @thatrickaz @creakyjackals #boomingtracks #booming

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