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If Einstein was a DJ

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” - Albert Einstein

Pretty crazy quote by Einstein, huh? Can you imagine if Einstein had made music...especially if he had access to the technology that modern producers have? I can't imagine what the same brain that figured out the secrets of our universe could create in the musical realm. I am picturing Einstein teaming up with Diplo to create some thumping house beats with a "mathematically perfect melody" overlaid on top. Imagine being at Coachella and seeing that crazy white hair of Einstein's waving in the wind as he hunches over his equipment, pausing occasionally to fist pump to the beat. One thing's for sure...Einstein would appreciate the soothing menthol vapors of CinnaMint BoomBoom.


From March 21-24, the Winter Music Conference will gather for the 31st consecutive year. You might as well go...you know you're going to already be in Miami recovering from Ultra Music Festival the week before.

What's unique about the WMC is that it's not just the longest standing annual gathering of musicians and enthusiasts of electronic dance music (the conference began in 1985), but it's also one of the main driving forces behind the advancement of the EDM industry worldwide.

Industry delegates, DJs, artists, and music enthusiasts from over 70 countries attend the event, which features workshops, demo releases, seminars, DJ spin-offs, VJ challenges, and (of course) parties. For anybody who is interested in more than just the music, but in the people, technology, skills, and knowledge that are contributing to the industry: this is a must-attend conference.

If you’re in the EDM business, then this is THE annual event to go to in order to advance your knowledge, contacts, and marketing skills. Whether it’s going to a workshop on how to enter foreign markets or how to get your song on the radio, the conference is a gold mine of valuable information.

And of all of the “work” conferences you could go to, one that features nightly parties with big-name DJs battling it out in the beautiful city of Miami doesn’t sound like work at all!

BOOMing Track of the Week!

Check out this smooth track from Marc Vandelay called Promise from the @BoomingTracks Instagram feed…

A silky smooth melodic dance track for ya (download link in BIO) ? ? Marc Vandelay - Promise ✨@marcvandelay✨ #boomingtracks #booming

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