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Cheer Up With Aromatherapy


Have you ever been in a bad mood? Of course you have. Everyone is prone to bouts of negative, unhappy, or cynical thinking.

Remedies for bad moods are numerous. Exercise, meditation, getting outside in nature, listening to positive music, talking with a good friend, and so on. There’s no one simple formula for everybody, in all situations.

Many people are surprised to learn that aromatherapy offers some great remedies for a bad mood, too!

Think about it: what we smell can affect our mood. Hence the entire perfume and cologne industry, products which are worn to seduce or entice others. For hundreds of years, people have been wearing essential oils (oils derived from the essence of a plant). This is because scent is so strongly tied to both memory and mood.

Why is that?

Our sense of smell, or our olfactory sense, is unique among the five senses in that it transmits information directly to the limbic system (the part of our brain that deals with emotions and memory). This is why the saying “scent is tied to memory” holds water, and explains why when we smell chocolate chip cookies baking, for example, we remember our grandmothers.

The technical name for altering moods based on scent is called psycho-aromatherapy. The research behind it varies in its opinions about if certain essential oils can elicit the same emotions in all people, or if certain smells behave differently depending on the person’s memories. For example, if your grandmother’s house smelled like cinnamon and you loved hanging out over there when you were a kid, cinnamon might trigger happy, nostalgic feelings. However, if your ex-girlfriend always chewed cinnamon gum and she broke your heart: you might have a different reaction!


Despite this quirk of our noses and brains, there are some essential oils that should have the desired effect of improving your mood (based on aromatherapy experts from the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy):

Lemon: Yes, lemon! This scent can improve concentration and reduce anxiety when you are feeling frustrated.
Lavender: This essential oil has a calming effect that is excellent as a supplemental method to aspirin or ibuprofen in treating headaches.
  • Jasmine: Very similar to lavender, jasmine has the added benefits of acting as an anti-depressant and can increase optimism and confidence.

  • Rosemary: Rosemary has an awesome, stimulating scent. Its properties fight mental exhaustion and headaches.
    Cinnamon: Aside from reminding you of your grandma (maybe?), cinnamon has that stimulating essence to it that can pull you out of the doldrums of negative, tired thinking.
    Peppermint: Peppermint has an energy-boosting quality like no other essential oil. Obviously, peppermint patties are great but try just inhaling peppermint to improve the clarity of your thinking while working.

    There are many more essential oils, and they can all have some sort of positive effect on your mood. The only sure way to know what will work for you is to experiment! The good news is that we’ve got you covered: a BoomBoom variety pack features all three of our unique, proprietary blends of essential oils that have been fine tuned after thousands of customers gave us feedback.

    So, snap out of that funk and cheer up with the help of aromatherapy!

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