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The Top 5 Reasons to Try BoomBoom

1. Increased Energy

BoomBoom invigorates and energizes within seconds of inhalation. The vapors enter your sinus cavities and begin to interact with thousands of sensory nerves near your brain. Rev-up your mind and your body will follow.

2. Enhanced Mood

Most users experience an immediate boost in mood after a "shot" of BoomBoom. Experience the euphoric and fun effects of Booming.

3. Amazingly Refreshing

The nasal cavity can be easily neglected when it comes to daily hygiene. With BoomBoom, a burst of cool, refreshing vapors soothes your nasal cavity and makes it feel fresh. Experience the new clean.

4. Stay Focused

BoomBoom's essential oils have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia as an aid to improve focus. While Booming, you can stay alert and party like a rock star!

5. Better Breath

Your sinuses play a major role in the quality of your breath, as they connect to your oral cavity. You can breathe without a BoomBoom, but we don't recommend it.

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