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[NEW] The Top 5 Music Festival Must-Haves

Festival season is heating up! Which events are at the top of your list this summer? Regardless of being a seasoned festival goer or a festival newbie, check out these must-have items to ensure a proper, top-notch experience!

1. Style:  No one cares if you're the guy in a tight speedo or a green spandex bodysuit, just do you and be sure to own it! Want festival styling tips? These will lend you some festival arm-swag:

    • Electric Family - This company partners with some of the biggest artists on the planet to create custom bracelets that support different causes.  Their Adventure Club bracelet supports the fight against cancer! 
    • Flex Watches - These watches let you "flex your style" by allowing you to mix and match different color watch faces and bands.  Oh, and they also donate a portion of their proceeds to help feed starving children around the world. 
    • Pura Vida Bracelets - We love the customizable bracelet "style packs" because they let your style scream "I'm ready to dance!" Also, every bracelet purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica! How cool is that? 


2. Stimulation & Refreshment: In need of a pick-me-up after day 1 of a long music festival weekend? Festival fun can tire the mind and body.  Here are some insider tips if you want to keep up:

    • Try BoomBoom - If you want to stimulate your senses and feel insane refreshment, you'll love this product! Think of it as Vicks 2.0, without the added unhealthy medicaments. In fact, BoomBoom is 100% natural. Sounds like you found yourself a new festival BFF. Get your first one FREE by visiting TryBoomBoom.com
        • Find Your Favorite Artists - No better way to stimulate your senses then by jamming out to your favorite artists. Duh.
        • Find The Do Lab Crew - For those of you who have visited Coachella, hopefully you've made your way to The Do Lab stage.  Outside of hosting a long lineup of amazing talent, they'll make sure you're feeling especially refreshed by providing a constant barrage of water for anyone willing to get wet! Do it.  


      3. Power:  Some attendees are totally fine roaming solo and "off the grid" at a music festival.  However, the majority of us like to enjoy the experience with our friends and family! Having a charged cell phone is crucial to keep track of our festival buddies. Technology to help:
          • Mophie - These slim-fitting extra battery cases fit snug on your phone and provide an extra 100% battery life.  
          • Airplane Mode -  If you won't need to use your phone for a few hours, put it on "Airplane Mode" and save your battery from being drained.  Check out the full list HERE on how else to save your phones batter life. 


          4. Protection:  There's nothing more magical than being at a music festival on sunny day hanging with your friends until you realize you are brutally sunburned! Protect yourself from those powerful rays with these:

            • Blenders Eyewear - These are hands-down the most affordable and stylish polarized lens sunglasses around.  Don't forget to protect your eyes!
            • Sport Performance Sunscreen - Banana Boat has some amazing "sport performance" sprays that are super fast absorbing and don't give you that greasy feeling like some sunscreens do... just pay the extra $2, it's worth it. 

              5. Functional Accessories - With a surplus of music festival gear on the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose what you should actually buy and bring along.  These products help keep it simple, stylish and functional:

                • Jammypack - It's your traditional fanny pack but with colorful, fun designs AND speakers.  Enjoy your walk out of the festival (which can take up to an hour depending on the venue) by keeping the good tunes rolling! 
                  • Bandana - It's always nice to have something that covers your face.  There could be extreme weather, pollen or dust being kicked up... or maybe you just want to go completely incognito.  This combined with sunglasses gives you the coverage you'll need, whatever the reason!  You can find stylish, festival-worthy bandanas and other cool accessories over at EmazingLights.com and iHeartRaves.com.  


                  We'd love to hear about your music festival must-haves by emailing us at boooming@boomboomenergy.com. 


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