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How to Create a Next-Level Bachelor Party Experience on a Budget

Let's face it, most guys are absolutely terrible at planning. There's nothing wrong with taking a "last minute" approach to bachelor party preparations but a little party swag can propel your weekend to new heights. We're going to make this easy. All you need to do is look at the product ideas below, pick your favorites and place your orders!  The bachelor will thank you later, we promise. 

1. Funny Hats - There's nothing better than being in your zone, grooving at the club before looking over at your bachelor buddy wearing a massive "Dumb & Dumber" oversized foam hat.  Buy them online from


2. Ridiculous Temporary Tattoos -  Seems odd, I know.  However, close your eyes and try to imagine rocking out at a Vegas pool party with all your buddies and their fake dragon tattoos across their lower back.  At minimum, it's an amazing conversation starter. Pick out whatever your heart desires at


3. Unique Party Favors - There's the obvious bachelor party essentials, but think of something outside the box. Try BoomBoom!  It's the world's first all-natural energizing inhaler that is seriously refreshing and super fun to enjoy while partying.  It will help propel you through the longest of nights and through the inevitable next-day hangovers. Try it for FREE by visiting

4. "Roast" the Bachelor - This may be one of the only times the bachelor has his closest friends together from all walks of life.  Rather than eating out every meal, use one evenings to order pizza, crack a few beers and let each attendee have their chance to tell a funny/embarrassing/epic story.  Not only will this help manage the overall budget, but it will be one of the memorable experience for the bachelor.

If you've never participated in a roast, check out Justin Bieber getting lit up on Comedy Central for his 21st birthday roast:


 5. Make Room For Drinking Games - Be sure you have enough space to accommodate the full crew!  It's worth staying in a less expensive area/hotel and keeping everyone under one roof.  A successful bachelor party relies heavily on the collective energy of the group, which is hard to manage being split up between multiple rooms.

As a side note, don't move any large marble tables in Las Vegas hotel rooms to play beer pong. Most of the marble tops aren't fixed to the table and with the slightest tilt, this can happen...


A surefire way NOT to stick within a budget as this accident cost one bachelor party group nearly $2,500. 


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