Wolf of Wall Street Uses BoomBoom As Anchoring Tool
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Wolf of Wall Street Uses BoomBoom As Anchoring Tool

Have you heard of anchoring tools? Such tools are simple to use but extremely effective in changing behaviors and habits. Anchoring techniques aim to create an association between two elements where no connection existed prior. In fact, this phenomenon occurs naturally in day-to-day life. For example, have you ever walked into a kitchen where someone is baking apple pie and the smell immediately transports you to visiting your grandma’s house when you were a child? Or did you and your teenage love have a top ten hit (labeled as "your song") that you end up hearing years later and immediately reminds you of the smell of her lipgloss or his aftershave? You brain forms a connection between moments and events. These associations can reoccur constantly throughout life.


Jordan Belfort, AKA “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has relied upon BoomBoom as his anchoring tool for many years. He has traveled the globe leading his course “Straight Line Persuasion,” sharing sales techniques and tactics to “close deals in both your business and personal life.” Belfort has created an association between BoomBoom and personal success and feelings of happiness. He can actually recreate such feelings at any given moment by simply inhaling the refreshing, minty scents.


Do you want to try using BoomBoom as your own anchoring method? Try this. When you have a successful sales call, use BoomBoom. When you close a huge deal, use BoomBoom. Or when you experience something new and amazing, use BoomBoom. The POINT of all this is that when you are feeling not-so-awesome, you can simply take a sniff of BoomBoom to bring you back to a place of positivity and zest. Mr. Belfort gives each attendee his or her own BoomBoom inhaler during his seminars.

We recently had one of our Australian fans send us this clip of BoomBoom making its debut on primetime television. While the woman featured in the Australian 60 Minutes segment provides some false information regarding the contents of Mr. Belfort's BoomBoom inhaler, we got a good laugh. Some people will say anything, truth or not, to make a quick buck. We know the real story behind Jordan Belfort and the use of BoomBoom at his seminars. All natural. All day. 


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