BoomBoom: Rain or Shine
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BoomBoom: Rain or Shine


When the storm hit, everything turned into chaos. Das Energi in Salt Lake City, Utah was being threatened by mother nature herself. BoomBoom has vended at multiple music festivals across the United States, and we’ve been lucky enough to avoid bad whether. Was this all about to change? It was only the first day of the festival, and all of the attendees were being evacuated until further notice. That didn’t stop them. Even though there was lightning, thunder, and security telling everyone to clear the area, people were still trying to buy their BoomBoom. We were extremely impressed by the dedication.


The storm passed after a couple of hours, and the festival was partially back on. However, the entire beach - including the Vendor Village - was closed.  Defeated, BoomBoom had to leave the festival after only four hours.


However, luck was still on our side. The next day we woke to bright and sunny skies. We were determined to make the last day count. And that it did. Not only was the weather perfect, but the staff at Das Energi was so kind, and completely exceeded our expectations when helping us out. We were also blessed with the best of neighbors, Electric Family and Pop Icon - who literally feel like family. And to top it all off, the lineup for Day 2 was insane.


Now that things were looking up, we could fully appreciate the beauty of Das Energi. Walking through Galactic Flats, Synergy Station, and Energi Field, the venue literally felt out of the world. A huge disco ball stood in the middle of Galactic Flats, flames bursting from the center. A massive blow up dragonfly statue welcomed everyone onto the beach. Being in the middle of the desert, the setting resembled Burning Man - the white, sandy ground blending in with the clear sky. The place felt surreal.


The BoomBoom gods seriously hooked us up for Day 2. It was busier than ever, and by the end of the night we had almost completely sold out of BoomBoom. We were overjoyed, and ended the night dancing away to Deadmau5.



We learned an important lessen at Das Energi, that rainbows always come after rain. A huge thank you to Das Energi and everyone we met that weekend. Till next time.


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