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Booming on a Budget


We've all been there - wanting to do something epic, when your bank account can only afford another round of groceries and gas. At BoomBoom, we believe that life should always be lived to the fullest - even when you're on a budget. Life's too short to be resentful about your finances. After all, being rich is truly a state of mind. If you're currently wondering how to ball on a budget, look no further. We came up with a list of ten things to do that are either completely or almost free - take notes!


  1. Hit the Pool

    Chances are you or your friends have a pool. Whether its at a house, apartment complex, or community center, find a pool, grab some cold drinks, bring your speaker, and have yourself a wonderful day. Bonus points if you bring chips and guac.

  2. Exercise

    If you are feeling bored, get outside and get some exercise! You can go for a run to your favorite playlist, look up free yoga classes near you, go for a bike ride, or google some circuit workouts to do with a friend.

  3. Movies

    Unsure of what to do with your night? Watch a movie! Make a night of it - with popcorn, blankets, candy, and hot chocolate. Watch a classic you've never seen, or a new movie you've been itching to see.

  4. House Party

    Throw or attend a house party. It's free, and the drinks are wayyy cheaper.

  5. Nature

    Wherever you're located, get all of your friends together and hang out at the local nature spot. Whether it's the beach, forest, hiking trail, lake, river, or park, spend a quality day hanging out with your friends.

  6. Volunteer

    Sign up to work an event with a friend! Pick an event that's right up your alley. It can be anything from volunteering at a wellness event or a music festival to working for a charity. You'll meet tons of new people and have the best time.

  7. Podcasts

    Listening to podcasts is good for the brain, among many other benefits. There are over 550K podcasts out there, all for free! You can choose an informative podcast, an entertainment podcast, a lifestyle podcast... whatever floats your boat. Listen while you're driving, taking a walk, doing your dishes, or eating your meals.

  8. Make Dinner with a Friend

    Chances are you're already spending money on groceries. Prepare your meal with a friend! Plan a delicious meal that the both of you can split. You can make steak and potatoes, fish with a salad, tacos with rice and beans, or a homemade pizza. The list goes on.

  9. Find Free Events

    Hop on a site like Eventbrite or just search events on Facebook to find fun things to do for free. Be sure to RSVP asap, and you'll be set for an awesome night out.

  10. Throw a Potluck

    A potluck is a great way to get group of people together. Assign each person a food plate or a drink to bring, and let the fun begin. It's a super cost effective way to throw a party. 

There's plenty of other options for free fun if you just get creative! No matter what your bank account looks like, we think your life is a fun one regardless. Don't let anything get in the way of your epic plans. You got this. 


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