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Kern Fitness Expo Recap


BoomBoom is a great tool for powerlifters and heavyweight champions. It gives athletes the energy to push through their tough performances and kick ass in the gym. Often used as a replacement for smelling salts, BoomBoom has proven to help these athletes excel in their fields.

On May 12th and 13th, we had the opportunity to attend Kern Fitness Expo, the biggest multi-sport event in California. Our booth neighbored multiple fitness clothing brands, the Marines, UFC, protein powder stands, and other fitness companies. We had the best time meeting all of these people and letting them try BoomBoom. Plus, we got some serious motivation - everyone at the expo was in top shape.

Watching all the different events take place was insane. We had no idea that professional armwrestling existed - yet it happened at Kern Expo. There was powerlifting, wrestling, ninja warrior obstacle courses… you name it. These pros were lifting weights heavier than we thought was possible. Kern Expo wasn’t messing around. Throughout the weekend $250,000 in cash prizes were given out to the winners, world records were set, and over 2,000 athletes competed.

The entire weekend was exciting and new. For BoomBoom, it was our first fitness expo we’ve attended. After this great weekend surrounded by warriors, we hope for many more!


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