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The Happiest of Forests 🌲


When the BoomBoom crew arrived to Rothbury, Michigan on Wednesday June 20th to set up our booth at Electric Forest, we were absolutely stunned by the beauty of the forest. Being from Los Angeles ourselves, it felt unreal to be surrounded by trees, fresh air, and green grass. “It doesn’t get much better than this,” exclaimed one of the BoomBoom members. But oh how it did get better.

We were fortunate enough to be set up directly in front of the main stage, in the Ranch Arena. This stage was right in the middle of the venue. We had the booming Tripolee stage to our right, and the chiller parts of the forest to our left. It was prime location.

When Thursday came around, we were so excited! Before the gates opened, we took some time to wander the forest and check out all of the amazing art pieces. Quirky art installations were all around, bringing a whole other level of magic to the occasion. There were random phones everywhere, which you could pick up and talk to a person on the other line. There was an outdoor library with all kinds of books. There were signs on the trees saying lovely things like “you are magical,” “may the forest be with you,” “you are loved,” and more. There were geometric temples that people could sit in, and even beautiful little fountains and statues, and SO MUCH MORE. This is only a small insight into the amazing art pieces at Electric Forest.

Then came the music. Electric Forest is so awesome because there’s such a diverse spread of music. There were rowdy dubstep sets like Bassnectar, Loudpvck, Boombox Cartel, Quix, Spag Heddy, Kayzo, Jauz, and Herobust. There were Indie/pop acts like Misterwives, Elohim, Bishop Briggs, Marian Hill, Shalllou, and more that brought feel good vibes to the fest. Techno sets from Green Velvet, Testpilot, Claptone, and more pulsed throughout the venue. Amazing house DJ’s like Justin Jay, Chris Lake, Doc Martin, and Fisher made the crowd dance. Popular electronic acts like Marshmello, Gryffin, Louis the Child, Bonobo, Zhu, and Rezz took the stages and shook the crowd. There were rock artists, rappers, singers, and all kinds of talent to grace the stages of Electric Forest.

Electric Forest is composed of seven stages, each showcasing a different vibe. Right at the entrance is the Tripolee Stage, which housed the heavier house, dubstep, and other electronic acts. Next is the main stage, the Ranch Arena. In the forest lays the mellower house, indie, and alternative stages: The Observatory and the Forest Stage. These stages are gorgeous and surrounded by tall trees, really adding to the forest feels. The Sherwood Court stage is located at the far left side of the venue and is on a large, expansive field of grass. Next, the Jubilee stage is the most intimate setting, under a lit-up roof and in an enclosed space. Finally, there is the Hangar stage. This is the smallest stage and is home to the most eccentric dancers and singers of the forest.

Overall, our favorite parts of EF were greater than the music. It was meeting all of you wonderful boomers. We had so many people run up to our tent and say “I’ve seen you guys on social media!” or “I’ve always wanted to try you guys!” and even “I read about you guys in Jordan Belfort’s book!” These are the things that keep pushing us forward. You guys are the reason we want to keep attending these events. It feels great to know that we are providing a healthy product that can really impact people’s lives. Whether it’s helping with allergies, opening up your sinuses, giving you energy, boosting your mood, or another one of our benefits, we keep booming because of you!


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