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Top 4 Gift Ideas For Your Music Festival Crew

Winter is BOOMING across the Northern Hemisphere right now and with it comes the holiday season. What does this mean? If you’re like most of us this means stuffing your face with all sorts of holiday delights, drinking spiked eggnog at the office holiday party, and braving crowded airports and blizzards in order to see loved ones.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply time off from work, it is important to remember to think about what you can do to show your friends and family you appreciate and love them. Sometimes friends and family are the same thing, too, like your music festival fam. I’m talking about the crew you bond with while drenched in sweat watching Grand Theft “Keep it 100”, the people who make sure you remember to drink water after five hours in a tent that is so hot and humid it has its own storm clouds, and the friends who laugh with you after you let loose and try to break dance only to spin lamely on the dirty concrete.


Here's our Top Four Gift Ideas picked out just for your music festival crew to show you love them, but also help them get excited for 2017’s lineup of festivals.

  1. Freedom Rave Wear Rave Bandanas - Most bandanas are actually pretty useless when it comes to filtering out dust. Not these. We’re talking one-of-a-kind micro-fiber backed hand-made bandanas that are actually functional, meaning that they protect you from inhaling dust. This is an important item when you’re at Coachella, Burning Man or any other desert festival - keep your lungs clear and snot clean.


  1. Neewer 2-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer - We all have that person in our crew who takes a million videos any time they go to an event. While sometimes we wish they’d just live in the moment and enjoy it, it ends up being so clutch that they capture the best moments to relive the next day. If they're actually into videography, then why not take advantage of the badass technology available these days and get a phone stabilizer - your videos will be looking professional and fresh AF. 

  1. BoomBoom Variety Pack - Set your friends up for an adventurous 2017 with a variety pack of BoomBoom inhalers. That’s one of each nasal-stimulating flavors: CinnaMint, Tropical Rush, and Berry Breeze. Breathing in menthol and 100% essential oils is an intensely refreshing way to stimulate your mind. Give this ability to your friends! 

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    1. Liquid I.V. - This innovative powder is essentially a hydration multiplier that allows you to hydrate 2-3 times faster than just drinking water alone. It contains 3 times the amount of electrolytes as sports drinks, but with half the calories and sugar. It also contains a precise ratio of nutrients that provides near instant-recovery. Liquid I.V. is a perfect gift for the friend who always overheats too quickly at the festival and has to sit outside, missing all the action!

      • You can order them online (use code 'BoomBoom' for 15% OFF) or pick-up at any 7-Eleven!


      Remember:  Thinking about yourself this holiday season is a surefire way to feel empty when it’s all over and the new year begins. Give thoughtful gifts to those you care about, and you’ll have a nice warm and fuzzy feeling inside when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.


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