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Valentine's Day is for EVERYONE

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we want to make sure it’s full of love. Why limit giving all of your love to one person? This Valentine’s Day, share your love with everyone from your grumpy neighbor to favorite musician. We’ve all got unlimited amounts of love to give to the world, so take this day to put it into practice. Whether you’re celebrating V Day with your boo, your cats, your crazy friends, your mom, or your beautiful self, we’ve got some ideas to make it a fun-filled day. 

  1. Make Food

    Yeah restaurants are cool, but have you tried making a home-cooked meal and saving money? Making food at home allows you to get creative and feel vibrantly healthy. According to this article by Fix, people who eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier, consume less sugar and processed foods, and even live longer lives.

  2. Go dancing

    Grab your SO or your group of friends and head over to your favorite club, bar, or music venue to dance the night away! This is a great occasion to treat yo’ self and dress up for the night. Get a haircut, buy yourself some new shoes, and feel absolutely 100 while you crush it on the dancefloor.

  3. Do the Things You Love

    Does yoga make your heart sing? Do you feel alive when you’re dancing at the club? Are you turned on by the thought of staying at home in your pj’s all day? Whatever makes you happy, take Valentine’s Day to do it.

  4. Have a Staycation

    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of traveling to new places. While traveling the world is an amazing goal, don’t forget about the beauty of the city you live in! Fall in love with your city all over again on Valentine’s Day. Live near the beach? Camp out for a day. Live in a cool city? Plan a day for exploring it. This is a great day to do something you’ve always wanted to do - right in your own backyard.

  5. Show the Earth Some Love

    With global warming soaring to new scary heights, it’s important that we remember to take care of our earth. This article by Huffington Post discusses how spending time in nature can boost mental health, physical health, and academic performance, as well as lower stress levels and prevent nearsightedness in children. The more love we give to Mother Earth, the more love she gives us in return. It’s a win-win.

We hope you have a happy Valentine's Day full of love! To make it even sweeter, use code 'LOVE25' at checkout. Stay booming ✨


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