Why BoomBoom Naturals?
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Why BoomBoom Naturals?

Recently, we changed our website domain and Instagram name from BoomBoomEnergy to BoomBoomNaturals. Why, you may ask? Let us explain.

This change is allowing us to expand the brand in a way that aligns perfectly with our future. Our products provide a multitude of health benefits - one of them being energy. However, it's important for us to focus on all of the benefits. When we first started BoomBoom, the name BoomBoom Energy seemed like a great fit. However, over the years BoomBoom has grown and evolved into something more.

Our inhalers do WAY more than just provide energy. They open up the nasal passages, enhance breathing, ease pain, boost mood, and much more. Heck, The Wolf of Wall Street is using and promoting it as an anchoring tool in his new best selling book, Way of the Wolf. The name BoomBoom Energy put a limit on what our inhalers can do. BoomBoom Naturals does our product justice - it speaks to the long list of benefits that it can offer.

It is also important that we are crystal clear on the benefits of using BoomBoom inhalers. Having “energy” in our name caused some confusion. It led people to put us in the same category as energy drinks, coffee, and other stimulants. We are not the same. BoomBoom inhalers are made from essential oils which indeed increase energy levels, but in a natural way. BoomBoom Naturals is a greater testament to the power of our products.

We have now been given the opportunity to provide more than our signature nasal inhalers. Just this month, we launched our newest product lines: BoomBoom Buzz and BoomBoom Roll-Ons. Our buzzing lip balm is made from simple, clean ingredients that - when blended together and applied - make your lips vibrate. Our roll-ons provide all the benefits of aromatherapy in an easy-to-use applicator, and are made from a pure MCT coconut oil base and organic essential oils. What’s the common denominator in all of these products? Natural ingredients, all of which are easily-pronounceable, real, and healthy. We are proud of our clean ingredients and want this reflected in our brand.

We are on a mission to bring aromatherapy to the masses and excited to educate people on the benefits that aromatherapy offers. Our story began in Thailand, where everyone uses and benefits from essential oils. We haven’t forgotten our purpose to bring this ancient health-focused tradition to the masses here in the US. BoomBoom has become its own living, breathing phenomenon. It cannot be tamed, and it certainly cannot be limited to one benefit. Say hello to BoomBoom Naturals.


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