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A Pop-Up in Vegas During EDC Week?!


Vegas during EDC week is a magical experience unlike anything else. It’s already shiny and vibrant - add in EDC and Vegas becomes absolutely BOOMING. Planning to have our pop-up during this week was super exciting, and it did not disappoint. We were lucky enough to join forces with Electric Family for our pop-up at the Paris Hotel, which was so poppin’ that it took over the Beer Park and Chateau Club. The people who worked here were so kind and generous, they felt like family by the end of week. They provided the friendliest service, always making sure we had a cold beverage in hand. We’re forever grateful for the awesome people that supported us during our pop-up week.

Electric Family is made of the coolest people. They are the life of the party, dancing and turning up at all hours of the day. These guys know how to throw a party. They brought a DJ into the pop-up each day so banger after banger bumped through the speakers. The music was so lit we couldn’t help but dance all day. The boys at Electric Family were so kind and open, they definitely made us feel like a part of their electric fam. 

The meet and greets hosted by Electric Family were the best part of the pop-up. Our favorite artists including Kaskade, 3lau, Jauz, Slushii, Dion Timmer, San Holo, k?d, and more rolled through the party. Each artist was hilarious, down-to-earth, and fun af. 

Last but not least, all of you guys who came to the pop-up made our days! You guys embody all of our core values: you’re kind, smart, talented, and full of good vibes. We had too much fun sharing our new buzzing lip balm and roll-ons with everyone - the reactions were priceless. It was so cool to see people all dressed for EDC and ready to go.

Of course, after our pop-up we headed straight to EDC, where we saw so many people wearing BoomBoom around their necks it was crazy. EDC was the most beautiful end to the perfect pop-up week. Till next time, Vegas!


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